hangloo team

Who is behind the hangloo brand?

Well, hangloo of course! No, seriously: Who's doing all this? Okok, we thought you'd continue asking. Well: hangloo has certain star airs and graces #diva and this is his own show. That's why we keep us out the loop here. But no company at all the in the background? That wouldn’t work.

Ok, so here we are. Julian founded the brand together with hangloo in 2017. If you want to read more about that part of the story, please read here. Since the start, their main goal was to create a strap for your glasses that is anything but boring and comes as a high quality product. If you have any feedback for us, please get in touch: contact {at} hangloo.de.

In mid 2017 Katha (favorit hangloo: Sundowner) joined. She mainly focuses on the illustrations and is responsible for packaging and the homepage design. She is also involved in the planning of social media topics.



In the beginning of 2018, Kiki (favourite hangloo: Double Espresso) also joined. She supports hangloo with the design of the straps and his social media work.

You have any questions? Then write us a mail or drop us a DM in Instagram