You asked (mainly through Instagram) a few questions over the last weeks and months. So we decided to collect the best of them and cover them in this area.

Question: Will I become as lazy as hangloo when I wear a hangloo?

Answer: Well, what we can definitely say: that you will be addressed more often on the street by friends and strangers regarding your hangloo. Increase in compliments: MOST LIKELY. Stupid questions: Not excluded but hey: No, this is not a strap for glasses. It's a hangloo, baby! 😎  

We are not aware of any cases in which the productivity of the hangloo community was affected. If so, please report it to us on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you! :)


Question: Does hangloo really sleep that much?

Answer: Well, hangloo sleeps, sleeps and sleeps. We've come to terms with it by now. However, what is really hard to accept is his constant snoring. 20 minutes sleep and his chainsaw is on. 💤 🔊😭


Question: Where can I buy a hangloo?

Answer: Here through our online store of course.


Question: Why does my hangloo have a black flag? 

Answer: Very simple: A hangloo is not just a strap for glasses and each flag is the sign that you have an original hangloo around your neck. 🏴  If you prefer to keep it undercover: just snap it off.


Question: Can I pay with crypto currencies?

Answer: Yes, you can pay in hangloocoins (token: HNGL) soon. 


Question: Will there be any other hangloos in the future?

Answer: Baby, this is just the start! hangloo is already designing new products. 


Question: Why are the hangloos made of polyester instead of cotton?

Answer: We have tested and tested and polyester has proven to be much more durable than cotton. We use sustainable polyester yarns. So you can enjoy your hangloo much longer and it has less impact on the environment.


Question: With which shipping company does hangloo work with?

Answer: We use the postal service of Deutsche Post and its international network. 📪 📫 📬  This allows us to offer a global distribution so that people all over the world can enjoy a hangloo around their neck. 



Question: Can I collaborate with hangloo and get hangloos in my shop?

Answer: Of course, we are looking into every cooperation request. The hangloo selection process, however, is tough and subject to a rigorous selection #justkidding. Just contact us via contact {at} hangloo.de. Present yourself and your store conzept (bullet points is enough) and we will get in touch with you.


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