Wer ist hangloo?

hangloo logo


Heyo! hangloo here! (the sloth that’s on the brand’s logo). I am from Brooklyn - New York (USA) to be exact. Born and “raised” in Prospect Park Zoo. (NYC, baaaaby). 

hangloo prospect park zoo new york city

Over the years I’ve always wondered, where all these humans come from and why they always leave their sunglasses in my zoo. So I asked my fellow zoo animals, but neither my homies from the monkey house nor my peacocks knew the answer to it. So I had to get out and ask the humans myself. After I slept in on a sunny summer day and got my coffee (large lactose-free, coconut, almond milk, vanilla frapuccino ice cream with extra caramel, coconut flakes, bananas, strawberries #lowcarb), I secretly escaped from the zoo the following night.

hangloo fortlaufen

What followed was a trip with stops at the best summer spots. Chilling with Snoop in L.A. (USA), learning surfing with Crocodile Dundee at Bondi Beach (Australia) and celebrating my first World Champion title in karaoke in Tokyo (Japan). What was odd though: to every party I went to, I lost my glasses just like the humans back home at the zoo. Well, my rather excessive dance style (and ok, I admit it, one or two vodka tonics) also played a large role in this. Arriving in Berlin, I thought to myself: "That's enough!"

no more hustle

At a paddle tennis tournament I met Julian. We understood each other immediately and he knew the problem only too well #everysummeronepairisgone. Two weeks later I had designed my first hangloose together with him. Now we are in 2020 and Julian is still here and we have developed new hangloo products. This time more colors and unique styles. They are just great and I hope you enjoy' em.