hangloo sustainability


"At hangloo we do care!"

And that's exactly why we built hangloo from day one (2017) in line with principles of consciously and sustainably designing fashion accessories. This involves much more than just using the right fabrics. We are committed to integrating sustainable and responsible business practices at all levels of our company, with the aim of reducing our environmental footprint while also ensuring a contribution to society.


As a self-financed fashion label it is not easy to always go the "right" way here. The fashion industry thrives on large minimum order quantities and suppliers usually wave off at small order volumes. That's why we designed a special production process and splitted it up so that we can produce rather according to demand than to minimum. volumes.

"Sustainability is a journey for us."

Sustainability can be defined and interpreted differently for everyone. For our company and its products we see it as finding solutions to large order volumes that are common in our industry, using high-quality components for long-lasting accessories and constantly looking for new innovations and improvements.


Facts and Figures:


New production partner:

Recruiting of a new producer (who complies with all EU minimum standards). Our products are guaranteed free of harmful substances and for the first time we have complete transparency over the entire procurement logistics.

hangloo production 2.0 - principle:

Development of a modular production model. This enables us to keep overproduction (= waste) as low as possible. At the same time we can produce according to the demand.


Logistics 2.0:

Since mid-2018, we have been shipping our products exclusively with Deutsche Post (national and international). We use as little filling material as necessary and do not use heavy cardboard boxes.

Redesign of product packaging:

With the redesign of our packaging, we were able to reduce the use of plastic per package by 90% and thus to a minimum. Our new packaging is used for our hangloo products for glasses and key chains.

The packaging is used for online shipping and retail sales.


Production 3.0: "MADE IN GERMANY"

In mid-2019, we were able to completely shift the production of our hangloo portfolio from Asia to Germany. This enables us to sustainably improve the quality and longevity of our products, reduce the paths of our production (CO2 emissions) and maintain complete transparency in our production processes. 

NOTE: We still use our remaining stocks of packaging (label: Made in PRC) from our first production. As soon as these are used up, we produce a new packaging (label: Made in Germany). Fact is: Since 06 / 2019 all hangloos are produced in Germany.

Charity Edition (hangloo x ETTS):

In summer 2019 we released our first Charity Collection with "Ear to the Street" (ETTS). We donateed a total of 2,000 € to the "Förderverein für chronisch kranke Kinder am Sozialpädiatrischen Zentrum der Charité in Berlin e.V." - an institution dedicated to support chronically ill children..  


Production 4.0:

We will optimize and improve the longevity of other components. 

Portfolio expansion:

We will expand our product portfolio with new materials.

Charity 2.0:

We spend for every sold hangloo 0.50€ to an insitution that supports ill sloths. More info


Pearl Edition:

For this newly released edition, we rely on environmentally friendly components. The Holiday Pearl  Edition uses environmentally protected glass materials. 

The journey doesn't end here. We have many plans and are not afraid of challenges and possibilities to make hangloo as sustainable as it is possible and realistic for our circumstances. We are convinced that our small steps can make a difference.

Do you have an idea or a suggestion for further improvement? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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