hangloo supports sloths in need

From now on we support sloths in need with every hangloo sold.

As part of our sustainability initiative, we were looking for a charity institution that would match our brand hangloo. Slothes live in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. With the clearing of the rainforests there, both the habitats and the food basis disappear for those endangered animals.

After intensive research, we got in touch with Jennifer Rice from Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR), who immediately fell in love with hangloo and wanted to work with us: "We would love to work with you! It sounds great."

The mission of Kids Saving the Rainforest is to reforest and conserve the wildlife of the rainforest on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Injured and orphaned wild animals are rehabilitated, research studies are carried out and volunteers are trained. In addition to sloths, Kids Saving the Rainforest is the home to over 50 other species, saving over 200 animals a year.

With our first donation of 200 € we can already support the construction of the "Jungle Gyms". A "Jungle Gym" (an outdoor wildlife enclosure) for the baby sloths to be able to explore on the tree branches and to learn to climb. It will help strengthen their muscles, improve their coordination, and teach them to be independent so that they can become wild and free! From now on, we will spend 0.50€ / hangloo we sell to this institution.

In addition, we are especially pleased that Kids Saving the Rainforest will be the next baby sloth they will get to call "hangloo". Read more about it on our Instagram-Channel.

If you would like to support the Kids Saving the Rainforest project, you can do so directly through their website: kidssavingtherainforest.org (PayPal accepted!) or by purchasing one of the hangloo products. According to Jennifer every donation counts. If you are on vacation in Costa Rica, you can also visit Kids Saving the Rainforst and participate in a 1-day volunteer program.


Kids Saving the Rainforest (KTSR)
Jennifer Rice
Costa Rica P.O. Box 297-6350 
60601 Quepos 
Costa Rica 

Website: www.kidssavingtherainforest.org | Instagram: @kidssavingtherainforest

Special thanks goes to: Bärbel, Jennifer, Janine, Karen, Wendy, Dani D. and Dani E.